What is Cretinism? Cretinism is a congenital disorder meaning it is present at birth. In this disorder, there is reduced

Wry Neck

What Is Wry Neck? Wry neck is also referred to as torticollis. It is a severe condition that causes your neck

Pilonidal Cyst

What Is Pilonidal Cyst? Pilonidal cyst or cyst of the tailbone is like a large pimple that occurs at the

Hemorrhagic Cyst

What is Hemorrhagic Cyst? Hemorrhagic Cyst is a lump of tissue-like structures formed in the ovaries of a female human body

Vestibular Papillomatosis

What Is Vestibular Papillomatosis? Vestibular Papillomatosis is a benign tumor occurring within the vestibule parts of the vulva. It is


What is Spermatocele? Spermatocele is a condition where cyst builds up in your epididymis is known as spermatocele. Cyst is

Caput Succedaneum

What is Caput Succedaneum? Caput succedaneum is a condition where the infant’s scalp is swollen and appears like a bump

Macrocytic Anemia

What is Macrocytic Anemia? Macrocytic Anemia is a type of anemia whereby the red blood cells produced by the body

Cloudy Urine

What is Cloudy Urine? Cloudy urine refers to milky-looking or foam-like foggy urine. Turbid or nebulous urine are the medical

Hyperactive Bowel Sounds

Hyperactive Bowel Sounds Definition The motor functions of the stomach and small intestine are characterized by distinct manometric patterns of